Joshua Wallen



Introduce yourself…

My name is Joshua Wallen, I am a 20 year old Australian Midfielder who is currently playing for Queens Park Rangers FC.

How important is football to you ?

Football is my life, I moved to England when I was 16 by  myself so I could pursue my dream of becoming a professional footballer so you could say my whole life revolves around football. For me there is nothing else I want to do apart from play football at the highest level.

Did you always have the ambition to become a professional footballer ?

Yes of course, from a young age all I ever wanted to do was play football. So i dedicated all my time and energy to training as hard as I could every day, so when I got my chance to move to england to play with Watford fc I took it and never looked back.

What are your specific qualities as a player

I am a box to box midfielder who like to get on the ball as much as possible,  control the game and make my team tick. Also I don’t mind a tackle and breaking up the oppositions play.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why

When I was younger my favourite players were always Steven Gerrard and Xavi, so these two were my biggest football inspirations when I was growing up. Both completely different midfielders but both were world class and I feel the best at what they did.

How were you approached by QPR?

A scout from the club recommended me to QPR so they brought me in on trial in pre-season where I did very well and then was offered a contract.

Did you notice many differences between qpr and your old club

Compared to teams in Australia, it is a whole other world. Everything from the training to the facilities to even the environment of the club is perfect for a young player wanting to learn and exceed in the game. So there is many differences especially because my old team in Australia was not a professional Club as well.

What is your most important moment in your career so far

For me my most important moment so far was signing a professional contract with QPR. It is what I dreamt of my whole life and what I worked for everyday so to finally sign a professional contract with a prestigious club like QPR was really a dream come true.

What was your biggest setback in your football career

My biggest setback was injuring my knee last season and having to spend 12 months injured. Not too long after signing with QPR I sustained a terrible injury to my knee. However I have made a full recovery and am now back stronger and even more determined than before.

What is your biggest target for this season?

My main targets for the rest of the season is to secure a new contract and earn a call up to the first team.



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