Enzio Boldewijn


Introduce yourself…

Hello , my name is Enzio Boldewijn I am 24 years old . I was Born in amsterdam And moved to Almere when I was 9 . I’m right footed , I can play on the midfield but also as a winger or striker . I prefer winger or striker.

In 2011, you played for FC Utrecht your first match in professional football. What did that moment with you?

Yes it was a dream for me that came reality . A few months before that I was playing in the u-19 squad of Fc Utrecht And to make your debut a few months later is just great.

In the season 2012/13 you came on loan to FC Den Bosch. In that season at FC Den Bosch you made your first goal in professional football. What did that goal with you?

It’s Always a Nice feeling to score your first goal but I wasn’t very happy that season. I played a lot of games but couldn’t be important for the team with goals or assists so Fc Utrecht released me after .

After that season, you moved to Almere City. At Almere City you became a important player And made in total 16 goals. How have you experienced the time in Almere?

My time at Almere was with ups And downs . I played there for 3 seasons And the first 2 I didn’t play many games in the starting 11 . My last season was good for me I played Almost every game And was important for the club with goals And assists. We managed to get into the play-offs And because of my good season I made a move to England.

On May 15, 2016 you signed a contract for two years at Crawley Town from England. Was the step from the Dutch league to the English league a big difference?

I was very happy with my move to England I Always wanted to play there . I started pretty well, made Some goals And played every game . For me the big difference is the amount of games you have got to play here , but I love it And I can’t complain.

If you could do something otherwise. What would you like to do again?

If I look back I didn’t know What it meant to be a professional footballer . You’ve got to train hard , rest And eat healthy food. So if I can go back I would do all those things

By which football club did you learn the most?

I started to play in the U-14 Squad of Fc Utrecht And most of the years my coach was Jean-Paul de Jong . He learned me to have discipline And made me a better player . At my time at Almere I learned to be mature because it’s not easy when you’re sitting on the bench. So I learned that football is a hard business.

Do you always had the ambition to become a professional footballer?

Yes I Always wanted to be a professional footballer . It’s a little boys dream to come on the television And do What you love to do every day.

What is your most important moment in your football career?

My most important moment in my career was when my dad died . It was a hard time for me I was 16 years old but I promised him to become a professional football player . And he still give me the power to go on every day.

What is your target for this season?

My target for this season is to score 10 goals I made 5 goals so far 1 cup goal and 4 in the league. I know What I’m capable of so I’ll work hard to achieve that.


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